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  • Cannot move database?

    With the commissioning of a new laptop, I decided to take the plunge with a newer version of ACDSee. I see there has been some re-branding into "Photo Studio"?

    Anyway, previous versions gave the option of relocating the database. I tend to redefine that to my data drive. But it seems this version only shows a text box for informational purposes only (i.e. C:\Users\i<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\ACD Systems\Catalogs\220); it's read-only and can't even select/highlight the text. And there's for folder-browse icon to specify a change for folder location.

    Is this supposed to be done elsewhere?

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    Newer versions of AC allow to switch between several Databases. Goto File-Databse-Open/new ...
    However, you can't simply open a database of an old version in a newer version, you must convert it. This leaves the old database untouched; it can still be open with your older version of AC. I also suggest to optimize the old database with the old version of AC before converting it.


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      Ah I see, they adjusted the UI to be more flexible in handling multiple databases. Thanks.

      This is a brand new computer with brand new copy of ACDSee Photo Studio; there is nothing to convert and upgrade here. The older versions are operating on my other computers.