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    Here is my current Situation with Ultimate 2020:

    Ultimate 2020 with a small database looks ok.

    Import my 50.000+ pictures.

    Entering View Mode -> Immediate crash
    Entering Develop Mode -> Immediate crash
    Entering Edit Mode -> Immediate crash
    The Map with the GPS Positions is not displayed. It shows only ?Loading?.
    The Menus on the top left do not open. (I can't believe why the menus are linked to the database ?????)

    Deleting the database and re-open Ultimate ? all is ok, because Ultimate creates a new small database


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      I don't have a quick fix as I haven't experienced the same. Here is something to try....

      Starting with a new database.... >>do not<< use File > Import; instead, try the following....

      Tools > Options > ACDSee Indexer > Add Folder

      Add the folders that you would like to have indexed, check "include sub-folders" when appropriate.

      Then, click OK

      50k images may take a while. As a reference point, 150k images would probably take a day if indexed across a fast wireless network.


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        I can try this if I have some spare time.

        It is best not to use cataloging images at all.

        Before ACDSee I used IDImager - this program was discontinued. These were years of lost time, now I have lost more years of my life with ACDSee with no prospect of a functional program after one year E-Mail contact with the Support.

        But there's now a great facial recognition that I don't know how to integrate it into my workflow anyway. It is nice to see what the facial recognition can do, but not more. The programme is completely useless anyway.

        Maybe at some point I will deal with the programs of real companies like Corel or Adobe and no longer ACDSee.

        At the moment I think it's the best way to simply put the images in directories on the hard drive with no Special Programm with a oneway database that could not exported or imported to another program.

        Just be careful before working with ACDSee and look for an alternative easy way!

        If you are fixed at ACDSee with no way out, please stay with Ultimate 2018. It is a stable running Programm with no limits.
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