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"ACDsee has encountered a system error and will now close"

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  • "ACDsee has encountered a system error and will now close"

    please help. i want this to be fixed by 20. since i want that 2 in 1 home 2020 pack.

    i have had test versions before so home 2020 isnt the first installation.

    CPU: AMD FX-8350 grafikkarte: gtx980 if that helps

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    Hello Shirua - If you have a healthy system (no viruses or OS corruption) then, there are five general causes for a crash of ACDSee – particularly if it is an immediate crash during startup:
    1. Corrupt Image(s) in the startup-folder.
    2. The ACDSee program itself is corrupted.
    3. The Database is corrupted.
    4. The ACDSee Registry Keys are corrupted.
    5. Conflict with another program or process.
    Following are the diagnostic techniques for each one of these five possible crash causes. I suggest that you go through them again, slowly, one step at a time. I'll bet one of them will reveal the actual cause of your problem.
    1. Shut your system down all the way and reboot to start clean. Test start ACDSee as the only thing running.
    2. Manually start ACDSee with an alternate startup folder. Click Start / Run, then enter ACDSee20.exe c:\. This launches ACDSee pointing at C:\ as the startup-folder. This test bypasses any corrupt images in the actual startup-folder.
    3. Uninstall then re-install ACDSee. Test start again.
    4. Use Windows Explorer and navigate to your database folder. Create a dummy folder next to your actual database folder. Rename the folders so that the blank one becomes the active DB and the real DB has it's name slightly changed. Test start ACDSee again - it will automatically regenerate a new database. [If you get this far and you don't know how to locate your DB folder, post back].
    5. Uninstall ACDSee again. Use Regedit.exe and completely delete this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACD Systems\. Warning – this deletes all ACDSee entries – use with proper caution. Then, reinstall ACDSee and try again. Good luck.
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      I installed Ultimate 2020, all working fine except I encounter a system error when batch processing right at the point I add a watermark and go to move the watermark from the default center to the image corner. anyone else have this issue?


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        @Geoff Soper: I have that exact same problem you're describing...


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          Hi Geoff and tomvdyck,

          Thank you for your feedback regarding this issue. We have a fix scheduled for an update later this month.

          Tristan H.
          ACD Systems


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            Hi Geoff and Tom, I also have this problem. Did you find a fix?