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Find and remove duplicate - doesn't work with .HEIC files?

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  • Find and remove duplicate - doesn't work with .HEIC files?

    I have some folders which contains the same image both as .jpg and .heic. I was hoping to use Duplicate Finder to help clean up duplicated files, but I see a couple of issues

    #1 - it only finds .jpg duplicated (I do not have 'same filename only' checked). I tried this on Photo Studio Home 2020 (Windows) and Photo Studio 6 (Mac). Neither works with .HEIC
    #2 - It hoped that I would be able to say 'delete all duplicates from this folder', but it seems like I have to manually one by one
    first expand the duplicate
    then select the one I want to delete

    This seems very tedious.

    Is there any better way to say

    - have it compare image of .JPG and .HEIC files ?
    - 'compare folder A and folder B, and remove all duplicates from folder B' ?


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    Hi jkristia,

    Unfortunately it is not possible to compare files of two different file formats. When set to Exact duplicate, the files must be exactly identical by byte, so two file formats would never be duplicates. When set to Same filename, the compared filename includes the file extension, so two file formats still can't be compared. I will pass on some feedback about possibly changing this in future.

    As to your second question, please choose the "Find duplicates within these two lists of files" option at the top of the first page, and distribute your files or folders into the two lists. Then after the duplicates are found, you should see a set of radio buttons under the list of duplicates. Select "Delete from File List 2" to set the duplicates to be deleted from the second list. See the attached screenshot for the location of this option.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems