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ACD 17 stops

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  • ACD 17 stops

    My ACD 17 stops when I try to load a folder with many sub-folders.

    This folder contains the following
    798 sub-folders with text and photos, and in these sub-folders are another 95 sub-folders.
    A total of 1,734 files.
    And uses 1,46 Gigabytes

    I sort of think that the program is not getting enough RAM memory to do the job, but don't know how to increase it.
    Running an up-to-date Windows 10, and this data Folder is located on an external USB drive from 3TB.
    I think (not on the system at this moment that it has 8 Gigabyte memory.

    I really think the program should be able to handle such a folder, but don't know for sure.
    Thanks for any ideas or help you can give me.


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    Just nobody knows about the maximum memory that ACD 17 can handle, funny?


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      Do you need to know the max that ACD can handle... or do you need to know if your data set is exceeding the max?

      I can't help you with the overall max as I haven't seen a limit... but I can certainly suggest your data set is well under the where I have used the tool.
      My ACD database have been over 50,000 files and over a few GB since before v9 (maybe even v7)