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Problem with catagories after moving db, crash when trying db maintenance

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  • Problem with catagories after moving db, crash when trying db maintenance

    Hi, I leafed a bit through the forum and see that people have similar problems, tried some solutions but was not able to solve my problem.

    I had ACDSee Photo Manager 12 on my old PC. I procured ACDSee Photo Studio Standard 2019. I optimized the database on the old PC, checked in database maintenance, everything looks ok. After troubles on the new PC I also embedded the db info in the pictures (but not sure if it succeeded). Then I copied it to my new PC and converted it in the new AC. Initially I had several problems, one of them turned out to be that AC still believed that the pictures were in the same folder as on the old PC. I created the same folder on the new PC, copied everything to that folder, and then back to the new folder in AC. That helped a lot. However, I still have two problems:
    1. I can search on a certain category, and find all the files (well, many at least, hard to check). However, for some files, the category information does not show in the Categories pane on the rights side. Neither does it show when I go to the folder where the file is stored. But the information is there somehow, because it shows on the centel pane where the pictures are shown, see included picture.
    • On the left it shows that the category “Byer” is selected
    • In the centre, it shows [1 Category: Byer]
    • However, for picture P1100152.JPG, there seems to be no Category information on the right
    This is quite bothersome, because it is hard to check which categories I have attached to the pictures afterwards, because for many it doesn't show.
    I find it hard to recognize a pattern in this. Some files have the categories, others not, but they are still selected when I search for the category.

    2. As this seems to have something to do with the database, I try database maintenance. Unfortunately, I then get the message “ACDSee Standard has encountered a system error and will close now”.

    So now I am a bit lossed - help would be highly appreciated.


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    There's indeed seems something wrong with your setup, even the screen shot you provide is showing weird things:

    In Catalog pane and Properties-Organize pane all top level categories should be displayed along with icons. The missing check boxes in Catalog pane might be disabled in "Options (ALT-O) - Catalog - Enable setting ..."

    In Properties-Organize pane the selected category should of course show a check mark.

    The might be related to database issues and/or mangled settings in the registry.

    I'd try database optimization first. If this doesn't help I'd try terminate AC, rename "HKCU\Software\ACD Systems" and try db optimization again. If this still doesn't help I'd switch to a new empty db and run db conversation again. If still no luck, I'd start my old AC, embed all data and catalogue all files into a new db with the new AC. Another option could be to export the db into XML files and import this into a new db. ... lets see what you find.

    More than ever AC is a playground for nerds.

    BTW. Also ensure to have latest drivers installed.


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      Hi Emil, thanks a lot. Not really sure what did it, but now it seems ok! I had done most of the things you suggested, but not the renaming of the HKCU and then a new import. Probably that did it. Hope you can answer 2 remaining questions:
      1) Should I re-rename HKCU\Software\ACD Systems? I expected there to pop up a new ACD Systems, but it didn't. Don't really dare to try, fearing I have to start all over again :-)
      2) I imagined I had embedded db info in my old db, this is one of the things I tried (and then recopied the pictures to my new computer). However, when looking at the ACDSee Metadata, there is nothing there (see attachment). Does that mean the embedding somehow did not work? Should I embed once more on the new installation (to reduce future problems)?

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        Originally posted by View Post
        Should I re-rename HKCU\Software\ACD Systems?
        No, this only is one of the tools needed only if nothing else helps. As you already guessed you would loose lots of settings. (presets, layout, ...)
        . . . and then recopied the pictures to my new computer). However, when looking at the ACDSee Metadata, there is nothing there
        For many many years AC was praised for not needing any cataloguing. With browsing the image AC copied all available meta data into it's database on the side. But these days are gone. To read embedded proprietary AC meta data, you must catalog the files - this is declared intent!. This also is the only way to fill photos mode.
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          Sorry, I did not make myself clear I think. I did rename HKCU\Software\ACD Systems, so now "it does not exist". So I wondered should I rename it again to its orginal name, or would that create trouble. If it is not needed, why is it there in the first place?

          And on more thing: I am still not able to do db maintenance. I think the problem is the database refers to something "remote", which is not there. I have optimized the db, but it doesn't help.
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