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Keyword Behaviour in Home Studio 2020

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  • Keyword Behaviour in Home Studio 2020

    I am in the process of moving away from Adobe CC and using Affinity Photo instead. For the DAM I have decided on Home Studio as it looks like a good feature set and importantly it recognises and displays .afphoto files. It also did a very good job of importing all my collections from LR along with my hierarchical keyword set. when I trialled it.

    All well and good and I am enjoying using the software and gradually configuring tools, import for example, as I learn more.

    However, and it's a big however, I have now realised that keyword behaviour is far from ideal. If I apply keywords during import they appear in IPTC as you would expect. If however I wish to add a hierarchical keyword from the organise tab of the properties pane to a selection of the files I have just imported it all goes horribly wrong and it will not allow me. Worse than that if I select an individual file I can add the keyword in that way but it does not appear in IPTC. I can add into IPTC keywords, as an individual file only, via the metadata tab but not using the hierarchical tree.

    So I will end up with two stores for keywords in different formats which is in itself highly undesirable and very messy plus I can not add additional keywords to files other than one at a time in either format. This is not what I need.

    I hope I am simply doing this wrong and someone can tell me how to go about this correctly. If not I have purchased software which does not do what I need it to do in this respect and this was not at all clear when I investigated before buying.

    Does Ultimate or Pro behave better? Even if it did I would have to spend more money, which defeats the object of saving money by moving away from Adobe CC, to get what I need but also buying a lot of editing tools I will never use. This would not be good value. All I want is a DAM. I will consider this for a day or two and may well seek a refund and go elsewhere for a DAM. This would be a shame as the rest of the functionality is working well for me and, once I had imported, catalogued and configured correctly, the performance is very good.

    Grumpy Hec

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    Under Tools|Metadata menu selection, you will find an embed metadata menu selection. What I do is embed metadata once a month or so since searches will work wherever metadata is stored.


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      OK - I have spent a bit more time investigating and learning and have decided that I was rather hasty in my judgement.

      I've identified what I was doing wrong on the individual v batch application of keywords. One confusion on this was that I had auto advance set on keywords which produced interesting effects when batch keywording.

      I have also identified the differences between IPTC and ACDSee metadata. Once I had embedded all the ACDSee data I have a more stable situation. However the fact that you have two sets of keywords, IPTC (from my LR days and when you apply an import metadata preset) and ACDSee (if you add from the keyword tree later), is still not ideal although manageable. I wish that wasn't the case but I've decided it is not a deal breaker.

      Putting this keyword feature aside for now, overall I am liking the software more and more as I learn it's quirks and features. Performance is good and very surprisingly I like the Photos view as a fun way of looking back over time.

      Grumpy Hec