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Can't remove IPTC keywords

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  • Can't remove IPTC keywords

    I try doing this, following instructions from here: but the keywords just come right back. Using Photo Studio Professional 2018

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    Interesting help file. I wonder if this is an ACD supported site as it seems a couple revs old. No matter.

    Here is the gotcha/ with removing IPTC keywords in ACD....

    That is just a list of keywords used --or has been used--- in IPTC fields.
    In order for it to be removed from the list, the IPTC keyword may not be a part of any existing file. This means, you have to display all of the images that have that keyword (use the search), then hand edit the keyword field in each file to remove the keyword. Then you can remove it from the keyword list.

    This process can get quite ugly quickly. Another older feature that could use some modernization.


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      Please note that it is not an ACD Systems supported site. No connection to ACD Systems or ACDSee. If you need further help regarding this matter, please reach out to ACD Customer Care.

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