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  • ACDSee home for Windows issues

    Windows 10 computer, i7 cpu, 8 GB memory, 64 bit edition. I have a large photo collection. more than 200,000 items in it, just shy of a terabyte of data. any time i try to read any drive with my collection on it, it promptly crashes. no error messages, that I can find. it goes poof, like it never started in the first place. I came to this program, after being hugely disappointed by the offerings of the likes of Windows Photos, Mac OSX photos, and so on. I find it very disheartening to be forced to resort to old school File Explorer or Finder just to manage my pictures. I am primarily interested in the facial recognition aspect, which is available in the Windows version, but not the Mac version of ACDSee. Am I the only one experiencing this? Surely do not have the resources to have access to high-powered stuff like the DoD has, for all that I wish what I see in science fiction movies make facial recognition a trivial thing, available to the masses.