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Database date precision issue - decimal seconds

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  • Database date precision issue - decimal seconds

    I'm experiencing an odd problem when manually editing the ACDSee database date (in ACDSee 19 - yes I know, old but still good).
    I use database date as the master date/time field for my photo collection, which includes photos automatically timestamped by the camera and a load of scanned-in photos. These are generally dated to the day, month or even year, inputting 00:00:00 as the time component. So far so good.
    However, when I select a group of photos that I've edited to the same date, I sometimes see (Multiple Values) in this date field. In ACDSee itself, the dates appear the same. Inspecting the embedded file information, however, I see that some dates have 00:00:00.000 and some have (e.g.) 00:00:00.123, an unexpected decimal component. I don't understand where this is coming from - these are all scans and manually edited - and while it doesn't affect searching, it's a problem if I select as above and don't see a single date/time value.
    I can't see a setting anywhere to coerce values to the nearest second or any other way to fix it!