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  • Don't wait when sending email

    When I select some photos and click Send, Acdsee opens an email with compressed copies of the images attached, which is great. However I often find I then want to add some other images, perhaps from a different folder. Unfortunately I cannot do anything with Acdsee at that point as it is waiting for the New Email window it created, to close. I have to manually save the unsent email, and close it for Acdsee to then popup saying "Email sent" and allowing me to move around and view more images etc. I then have to go to my email program (Outlook), find the email in Drafts and open it, then I can drag new images in. That's not straightforward either as they wouldn't then be compressed. So instead I must get Acdess to create a new email with the newly selected images, save & close and reopen it, then I can drag the new images out of the second email into the first. Whew!

    This would all be much simpler if Acdsee would not 'wait' on the email window being closed. Just create it and popup saying "Email created, switch to it to send".

    ps. another scenario would be when trying to reply to an existing email, attaching images. It would be nice to add compressed versions. But you can't do this simply for the same reasons mentioned.
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    Hi ddk, I'm using Thunderbird as my email client and do not seem to have that issue. After sending some pictures to Thunderbird, I can use ACDSee even if the email hasn't been sent...maybe it's an Outlook setting?