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Regenerating database isn't clearing previous files?

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  • Regenerating database isn't clearing previous files?

    Hi all,

    Bought ACDSEE Ultimate a week or so ago and started indexing 50,000 or so photos - everything ground to a halt and very slow to traverse, so have upgraded my NAS to improve this. Having migrated my files to the new NAS, I'm struggling to remove the old thumbnails in the manage/photo viewer. I've removed all the old drives/directories and rebuilt the database, but it still is listing old thumbnails in the photo view (when I click these it states the file doesn't exist).

    Bit annoying as I have duplicates of everything now!

    Anything I'm missing to remove these duplicates?

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    Maybe this may help...
    Tools > Database > Database Maintenance.....
    ..... wait a while for ACD to finish going through it's data set

    Select obsolete folders and drive names > Remove Thumbnails


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      Thanks for response - yes, that's what I did, but they kept popping up!

      In the end I went into the database maintenance app and physically removed the drives in question and this seemed to fix...