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  • Recently added files not found in search.

    A small problem on ACDSee 2020 (also experienced in ACDSee 18): After adding a number of files (mainly .jpg) to various subdirectories (by saving directly from the browser), I wanted to gain an overview of them all. A search for files named *.jpg in the main directory found all files added earlier but not these new ones, except where I had opened the relevant subdirectories. One reason for this search was to identify these subdirectories. A database optimisation did not help. Does anyone have experience of this problem or an idea what I can do?
    Regards and many thanks

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    ACD (or any DAM) knows only the files it manages... or the files it is able to scan. Any time there are moves-adds-changes-deletes outside of the DAM, things don't show up in the DAM database. When using the ACD search function, you are actually polling the database.

    There are a couple things that help keeping things synced.
    * Only do moves-adds-changes-deletes with the DAM tool
    * If the changes happen outside f the tool, use oe of the methods to get the files founf
    DAM = Digital Asset Management

    Database optimization looks at the data already in the database and clans up any issues. It does not look for new data.

    There are a few ways to have DAM tools get that new data (ACDSee Indexer is one option). My experience is must of them work with some level of success... but it is always better to adjust the process used instead of relying on those tools.

    In this case, maybe it works to put the files into an interim directory, then move the files to the final location using ACD.


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      If I understand you correctly, Gus, the adding of new files was first carried out by the browser and only caught ACDSee's attention, as it were, when I opened the relevant directories within ACDSee itself. I'll try to organise my file acquisitions along the lines you suggested.
      Regards and many thanks for your advice


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        Exactly, when opening the directory, the new files are found... then added to the database.