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  • Decision on storing photos ...

    I have a decision to make and could use some input.

    I have about 18,500 photos, 21 GB.

    Currently, they are on a 1TB USB drive that I access with ACDee Photo Studio.

    My wife and I both need access to these photos, but usually not at the same time and she only occasionally. I use them more often.

    So I could:
    1. Move them to a NAS server in the home that we both have access to. The downside is that Crystal Disk Mark 6 shows the read/write access speed only about 12 MB/s. OR
    2. Leave them on the USB drive and just pass the drive back and forth as needed. The read/write access speed for the USB drive is about 70 MB/s or almost 6x as fast.
    Is 12 MB/s just too slow for working with photos? There is not too much editing. Mostly adding Catalog names.

    Maybe some users here have experience with this or a similar decision …


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    Although not for everyone, the NAS was a good move for me. My wireless access to the NAS 25MB/s to 40MB/s Not fast by USB standards, but is speedy enough to get the job done with 150Mb image files. However, this does require a more expensive NAS and wireless to get these speeds.

    I use local storage for 95% of my editing, then move the files (using ACD) to the alower NAS archive.

    On the good side, I never worry about backups (NAS1 and NSA2 are both RAID drives, and NAS1 backs up to NAS2, NAS2 then backs up images to Amazon Prime); which means a lot of things need to go wrong before I loose a file. (Total of 6TB; ~160k files)

    On the negative side, this is not a cheap solution.


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      Thanks for the post, Gus. You always give good answers. We're on the frugal side. Our "NAS" is a WD My Cloud.( Technically, I'm not sure if its a true NAS. There is no RAID support.

      How do you use ACD to move files from one drive to another? I probably want to do this so I don't lose all my categories assigned to photos.


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        NAS = Network Attached storage... so any appliance that attaches a disk directly to the network is a NAS ( or at least it is in my definition). RAID is just fancy redundancy.

        I use ACD Manage mode to cut/paste or drag/drop files between folders and/or drives. "Move to folder" or "copy to folder" also work if menu picking is more desirable than mousing. I like to use the mouse, so I stick with the drag/drop cut/paste.

        For me, this keeps the XMP files and the ACD database up to date.

        WARNING: I do not use the "categories" feature (instead I use IPTC keywords) so I can't be 100% certain if they work the same as categories. I would hope the categories stick when using the drag/drop. I can confirm later today. (or maybe other users know already?)

        I do know that the ACD database does stay up to date with other metadata with copy/paste and drag/drop.

        Side note: I would always recommend having a backup plan. Since the NAS seems to be a single drive, I would make sure there is a backup on a different location so you never loose those important photos.


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          I just did a couple tests... it does seem the "categories" survive transfer to/from the NAS using either drag/drop or cut/paste.


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            Thanks for letting me know about the copying of photos and the fact that categories move, too, Gus!

            And yes, I backup to an external HDD that I store in a media chest.