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    Hello. I'm a Picasa user, trying out ACDSee for the first time. I've spent a few hours with it, customizing it so that it's similar to how I use Picasa, but there are a few things that are preventing me from liking ACDSee:
    • Sometimes, the first image I try to open in a folder takes 2 seconds or more, even when "Instant image preview" is on. (it's even worse when off) I can't figure out what causes the delay, and why it's not consistent. These photos are on an SSD and I have a good CPU and have plenty of free RAM, so those aren't the problem. And Picasa doesn't have that delay. Is there a setting that can reduce the delay?
    • Keywords. I'm used to the way Picasa handles keywords. I'm just learning about IPTC keywords now, which I believe Picasa uses, while I think ACDSee uses its own metadata, stored in its own db. Is there a way for ACDSee's "Keywords" pane to show me the IPTC keywords, instead of the ACDSee keywords? I see the IPTC keywords in the metadata pane (in a tiny box; not ideal. Even if I click the ellipsis, I have to click Edit List before I can type in a new keyword.), but I want to see them in the Keywords pane. All of my thousands of photos have IPTC keywords, so if ACDSee can't be configured to show me those keywords in the Keywords pane, that could be a deal-breaker.
    • In the Folders pane, is there a way to show only the folders that contain photos? Right now it's showing me my whole folder hierarchy, but naturally only a few of those folders contain photos. I tried briefly to use the Catalog pane, but I don't think I understand how it works. e.g. there are several sections in that pane: Categories, People, Ratings, Labels, etc., but no "Folders" section. I also tried "excluding" some folders from the ACDSee db, but that doesn't remove those folders from the folder list, it just puts a red icon on the folder. Maybe the Favorites list might work for me, but I can't figure out how to add folders to the Favorites list.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm also a Picasa user trying out ACDSee. It's only been a few days, so I might be wrong on this, but I've been reading their useful user manual (I'm an ex-Technical Writer, so that's a compliment). On page 81, it says a few things that might help answer your question about Keywords.

    "The Metadata tab displays the rating, category, IPTC, EXIF, and ACDSee Metadata stored with a photo." If you're in Manage mode, look over on the right at the Properties - Metadata. You'll see a list of numbers and colors at the top. Under that, you will see a dropdown for IPTC, EXIF, and ACDSEE (proprietary) keywords. If I remember correctly, I had to choose All EXIF or All IPTC to see the complete list of metadata for those standards.

    Does that help?


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      Thanks mmoore. That's funny, I'm currently a tech writer.

      I did see that info on the metadata tab, but I'm hoping to see, add, remove, etc. the IPTC keywords on the Keywords tab. Because I have keywords (tags) on all my existing photos, I want those to appear "easily"; i.e. without having to expand the IPTC section in the metadata tab, click the ellipsis, and then use the IPTC Keywords Picker dialog. I would like the Keywords tab to actually be the IPTC Keywords Picker, or at least contain the IPTC Keywords Picker.

      Maybe I'll read the manual a bit more too.


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        Maybe metadata presets would help? Also, I'm playing with Photos view and I just discovered that in Tools > Options > Photos Mode you can configure it so that when you mouse over a photo it will display information. You can choose which metadata fields will display.
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          Thanks mmoore. I'm also now trying out digiKam. Not sure if I'm supposed to say that on an ACDSee forum. I think that product's features and performance are a better match for how I'm used to doing things in Picasa.