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  • Keyboard assignment for up

    Trying again as the first post was unapproved..
    ACDSEE 15
    I am attempting to assign a new key command to the UP command. Moves you up one folder.
    (I miss ACDSEE 3.1 having a place at the top of the file listing where you can just go to the top, hit enter and it auto took you up a folder layer)
    I have been looking in VIEW - TOOLBAR - CUSTOMIZE
    but I can not find where UP is located in there.

    (It is backspace normally, but I'd like something a little easier to reach, was thinking about changing it to TAB and change whatever is on TAB right now)

    Is it possible?

  • #2
    Have you experimented with Tools > Customize Short Cuts > Category:Navigation:UpOneFolder ?
    YOucan even set it to "Enter Key" is desired.


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      That must be a different version. in 15, tools has no such item. View has toolbars - customize but I can not find the up command ANYWHERE in there.


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        Yea, looks like a version issue... after the "options" selection under tools, I have an additional "customize shortcuts" option. I am afraid I did not not picking up on the "15" reference.


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          If I could get my version 3.1 working again, it would be better. For what I use IT for, it is better than 15.. \