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Lost keywords and categories after updating to new laptop

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  • Lost keywords and categories after updating to new laptop

    I am running the program on laptop running Window 10.

    1) hard drive on laptop failed
    2) Ultimate 2020 subscription expired, while I was shopping for new laptop
    3) bought new laptop and copied my photos folder to new laptop, keeping the same file/folder names/structure
    4) bought Pro2021 (not the subscription product) and installed on new laptop. (I do have a backup of database from a month before laptop failed)

    5) Tired everything! I'm not sure in what order I tried these but I have tried all the following: Import, Catalog, created new database, and Restore. Restore gave me an error that "Backup you are trying to restore has earlier version than current application's database. Restore aborted." I can see my photos (30k+) but I do not have any of my categories or keywords. I know for certain that I have embedded the data. I can see the keywords in the backup file.

    6) Uninstalled the program and reinstalled.

    I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly. What is the proper order of steps to take to get my keywords/categories back?


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    I would download the previous version to your machine first. Get that in order by ensuring that everything worked as it did before the new computer. Then I would update to the new ACDSee and follow the instructions to import the database info.


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      Thanks. Unfortunately, the subscription versions of the software stop working when the subscription expires. I suppose I can cancel this purchase and renew the subscription. Once that is setup I could then cancel the subscription and purchase the stand alone product I want. Seems like a lot of hoops to jump through.

      Thanks, again.