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Face tag name proposals: First name / last name

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  • Face tag name proposals: First name / last name

    Improvement proposal for face tag name editing:

    Picture with detected face (no matter whether assigned, proposed or unassigned).
    I want to manually assign a specific person to that face - a person which I know and which exists in my database already, e.g. "Peter Müller".
    However, I only remember the persons last name "Müller", not its first name "Peter".

    The auto-completion function for names works on the complete name string.
    This means, when I start typing a first name, the auto completion function displays full names which match - great! I can select the correct person. See screen shot example one, where I type first name "Peter" and the auto-completion proposes multiple persons with first name "Peter" which exist in database already. I remember now "Ah, yes, it was Peter MÜLLER" and can simply select him.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	C1.JPG Views:	2 Size:	32.3 KB ID:	54726
    The auto-completion function for names does not work on first and last name separately.
    I remember and therefore can type last name "Müller" only. And in that case, name auto-completion doesn't work. I see an empty list when I type "Müller" as shown in screen shot example two. Unlike in the first example, ACDSee does not present a nice lists of Müllers from which I get reminded that the person could be actually "PETER Müller".
    Click image for larger version  Name:	C2.JPG Views:	2 Size:	17.4 KB ID:	54727

    Improvement proposal:
    I would like to start typing "Müller" and also see "Peter Müller" (and all other Müllers) been proposed by auto-completion, no matter whether what I typed is a first, middle or last name.
    I think this could be of general interest for all users.
    I also think this is feasible to implement.
    For that purpose, simply all full names have to be split into their first, middle, last names before ACDSee does the string compare for doing the proposals.
    Can this please be implemented in some future update?
    That would be wonderful.

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