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ACDSee Quick View - colors are off

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  • ACDSee Quick View - colors are off

    I have ACDSee 2022 Home (for Windows) and I have noticed that when using Quick View colors of many images are off. When I open them in a traditional way in a viewer everyting is OK, but in QV many of them are oversaturated etc. I don't see any option to enable color management for this module. Is it using RGB? My files are saved as RGB 8bit JPGs but they don't display correctly for some reason.

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    There was some discussion in the forum about this some years back as to whether Quick view was color managed or not.

    My understanding is that as far as the main ACDSee application is concerned, if color management is enabled, then ACDSee will display images using the embedded ICC profile in the image if one is present. If there isn't then it will display the image using what ever Default Input Profile is set in Tools/Options/Color Management.

    I would have expected that Quick view would be the same.

    The screen shot below shows a portion of an image JPG image with an embedded sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profile shown windowed on the same screen at the same time from left to right in Luminar 4, ACDSee U2022 Quick View, Affinity Photo (current version) and ACDSee U2021 main app. To my eyes there is no significant difference between the shots, That may not be the case for images with other embedded profiles, or images with no embedded color profile. Another consideration might be the profile of the monitor itself. In the case of the the screen shot below, the monitor profile is sRGB.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Color compare.jpg
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    One thing you might check is with Quick View open click on Tools/Options and compare the setting of "Enable gamma correction" with that in the main app at Tools/options/General "Enable gamma correction". They should be set the same.

    If you are seeing significant difference, I would suggest you raise a support request with providing them with the image or images and your color management settings, also details of what profile Windows is using for your monitor.


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      From what I see the Quickview, as the film strip still doesn't support colour profiles. This screen shot shows a JPG with rotated colours plus a colour profile that corrects it.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Anmerkung 2021-12-08 102435.jpg Views:	1 Size:	120.2 KB ID:	58473

      Here's a test file:
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        Originally posted by Emil View Post
        From what I see the Quickview, as the film strip still doesn't support colour profiles.
        I think that is probably correct, and when I run the same test as I did in my previous post, but using an image with a ColorMatch RGB profile, instead of the one with an sRGB profile, then the colors are not correctly shown in Quick View.

        Putting the results of the three tests together seems to me that Quick View is using a fixed sRGB color space regardless of any color profile that is embedded in the images.

        I don't normally have Quick View enabled, as my PC is fast enough to use the main U2022 as my default viewer, so it isn't an issue for me, but it would be nice to get a definitive answer from ACDSee.
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          Thank you for your answers. I have checked the gamma setting and after enabling it nothing is changing. Color management is of course on. My monitor is set to RGB 10bit but I don't think it matters that much. Errors are dramatic and don't look like conversion problems. The ICC profile is embedded in the file, but still no change in Quick View. Colors are oversaturated in a big way. Tested it with RGB and sRGB.

          I could use the main app to open pictures, but it's a little bit slower, so I wanted the faster method via Quick View. So maybe I will use the main app for now, and create a request for profiles support in the Quick View module.
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            I can only encourage you to never ever use an image viewer that doesn't support ICC profiles. Modern PCs with calibrated monitors are fast enough to display even large images with embedded profiles. IMHO "Quick View" is obsolete. It's disapointing to see that this still exists in the film strip.
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              Originally posted by Emil View Post
              ..It's disapointing to see that this still exists in the film strip.
              Could you please clarify that.
              U2021 and U2022 Quick View certainly doesn't display your ColorSpin image correctly, but the film strips in U2021 and U2022 in View mode, Develop Mode and Edit Mode do get it right as I see it, which raises the question for me as to why what I am seeing here is different to the film strip screen shot you posted of that image.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	Filmstrip.jpg Views:	1 Size:	22.6 KB ID:	58531

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                Isn't it a nice trap 😁

                The small sample file I attached to my previous post has rotated colours but also a colour profile that corrects these "wrong" colours.

                You've probably first seen the image in manage mode. AC immediately created a correct thumbnail and added it to the db. When switching to view mode AC displayed the thumbnail with the corrected colours stored in the db.

                Copy the file into a new folder on the desktop. Then drag'drop the image onto the AC icon on the desktop.
                AC will go straight into view mode, display the image with correct colours, but the colours in the filmstrip will be wrong. AC hasn't had the time to create a correct thumbnail jet and display it w/o interpretation of the ICC profile. Well, this actually is an assumption, but this screen shot shows the effect:

                Click image for larger version  Name:	Anmerkung 2021-12-15 112509.jpg Views:	0 Size:	52.8 KB ID:	58568

                Here's a link for a much nicer sample image with rotated colours. It's from Andreas Beitinger. Thanks Andy.

                [EDIT] Elevens Commandment: You shall not upload images to forums when discussing meta data 😊
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                  Yep, nice trap.

                  Done the way you describe it does indeed show the rotated colors in the filmstrip, however if I flick from there to manage mode, then back to view, the film strip thumbnail is then correct.

                  So the film strip display itself is not color managed, but the thumbnails in it may be, depending on when/where they are generated. Interesting.


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                    Originally posted by Greyfox View Post
                    Yep, I just love to drill holes into the black box and take a peek 😎