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Filtering with 'Categories' and 'Special Items (Videos)' does not work as expected

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  • Filtering with 'Categories' and 'Special Items (Videos)' does not work as expected

    Using ACDSee Home 2022.

    I have assigned 'Categories' to several of my 'Videos'. I want to filter for videos that belong to a certain category.
    When I filter with just the category tag, I get the expected results. However, when I filter with a combination of Categories and Special Items (such as Videos) I get ALL of the videos and not just the ones assigned to the category.

    The query clause seems correct for example: [Videos] And [1 Category: gardening]

    However, the results include all the videos and not just the ones assigned the 'gardening' category

    It seems that searches for 'Special Items' are not as well developed, missing the 'Match All, Any etc. options), but as a bare minimum they should be able to correctly execute the query as displayed in the search bar. Am I missing something here? (newbie in ACDSee)

    Is there an alternate way to perform this filtering operation? Thank you for any feedback and a Happy New Year!
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    You would need to assign a category "Video" to all of your videos (select the special item Video, then Ctrl + A to select all the video thumbnails displayed the assign the category "Video". You can then select the category Video and also the Category Gardening, and set for Match all.
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      Greyfox this sounds like a simple and effective solution! Thank you!


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        I have tested the idea from Greyfox and it works great for one category. Unfortunately, if you wanted to search with two or more categories, this approach does not work and presents the same problem as the one I described searching with 'Special Items'. The reason is that to match more than one categories with this approach, you need to select the option 'Match any' category. Since 'Video' is now a category all the videos are included and not just the ones in your categories of interest.

        As a work around, I have been using the 'Search pane' with video file name patterns and selecting 'Search folders and categories'. This seems to return the desired results.
        Searching with Video Categories

        Nonetheless, I think searching Special Items is broken and should be fixed. It is behaving unexpectedly
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