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ACDSee Pro 8 Search Function - Boolean search capabilities?

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  • ACDSee Pro 8 Search Function - Boolean search capabilities?

    I have an extensive list of keywords and have often wanted to be able to narrow searches by using multiple keywords in Search.

    Even if I could add more than one keyword by clicking the "Add...>ACDSee Metadata>Keywords" several times, that would help, but currently Pro 8 (and all previous iterations) will allow searching on only one keyword at a time.

    Any chance of getting this capability, ACDSee?

    Andrew Waldo

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    Thank you for the feedback. I'll review with the ACDSee Development team.

    The ACDSee Team


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      Feedback from our development team...

      We did! It's just not obvious from the UI. If you add a keyword to the search criteria it starts off with 'is' underlined. If you click that you get a list comparison types (is, is any of, contains, starts with). 'is any of' will return anything containing at least one of the keywords you give it.
      Unfortunately the UI doesn't hint at all as to how to specify multiple keywords. You just type them all in to the edit box with either space, comma or semi colon as a separator.

      Learned something new today ...

      The ACDSee Team


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        mscosgrove, have you ever tried this yourself or anyone of the dev team with a big database with thousands of keywords? Or did you ever want to find all files with set of keywords in any tag (AC keywords + IPTC keywords + ...) ? I guess not. You should start to use/test your program with nowadays file bases!
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