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Cataloging optical discs – and/or other workflow strategies.

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  • Cataloging optical discs – and/or other workflow strategies.

    Although I am using Ultimate 8 I have licenses for Pro 7/6/5. I believe this question is germane to ACDSee General Discussion. I’ve used ACDSee for some parts of my image editing workflow and cataloged with another software product for several years. I am now looking at possibly using ACDSee for cataloging all future images in the future.
    It does not appear that it is possible to catalog an optical disc without importing it first on to a hard drive. Is that correct? My long time work flow has been to burn on to an optical disc so that a permanent archive of the original was created and then to catalog the optical disk. If this is not possible, can anyone suggest other work flow strategies?
    These are my cataloging requirements:
    • Keyword capability – it would be great to have the choice to import a list of keywords from a *.txt file.
    • Reasonably sized catalog file (collection) foot print so that they can be backed up to the cloud.
    • Password protection for catalogs.
    • Scalability. I currently have 167 catalogs with greater than 104,000 images. I expect this to grow at a rate of about 25K images for each of the next 15 years. (Or something like that!)
    • Versatile number of image file formats available – conventional bitmap and RAW formats.