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  • Windows 10 Update

    For any of you waiting on a decision about upgrading to Windows 10, you might find some of the following experiences to be of interest.

    I have been Beta testing Windows 10 for many months. So, I knew exactly what was coming in Win-10. However, my Beta installs were all clean installations. In contrast, the free Windows 10 release version is an upgrade to the previously installed version. This is not something that I was able to test during the Win-10 Beta.

    To solve that problem, a couple of days after the July 29 official release of Windows 10, I created a backup HDD clone-copy of my C:\ drive and physically installed the clone drive into my PC. Then, I ran the Windows 10 upgrade on the clone. This was initially just a test to see how well the upgrade process worked in the real world.

    The Windows 10 upgrade promised it would save all my user files, preserve all installed software programs, and retain my configuration and all system settings. And, to my relative amazement, it did exactly that. Every one of my installed programs (including all the ACDSee products) ran as if nothing had changed. Bottom-line, this was my most successful Windows upgrade experience ever.

    So, I continued to let the Win-10 clone hard drive run in my production PC. After several days of flawless operation, I ran the Win-10 upgrade on my travel PC. Again, it ran perfectly. Windows 10 was now two for two at upgrading from Windows 8.1. The next upgrade was my wife's PC running Windows 7. Once again, smooth upgrade, and absolutely no problems. We are now an all Windows 10 family.

    Windows 10 Issues. I have found three Win-10 shortcomings which users should be aware of: (a.) How to stop a bad Windows update? (Win-10 updates are fully automatic). (b.) How to restore Personalization color to the all-white window title bars? And, (c.) how to access the Personalization Color Mixer to tweak and change the Windows colors beyond those in the standard color table?

    Summary. I have never had a Windows upgrade go so smoothly. I have now converted all my PC's to Win-10 (except those PC's that are too old to run Win-10 and remain on Windows 7). If any Forum members are interested in the specific solutions to the Windows 10 issues mentioned above, reply in this thread and I will post the instructions as Dropbox links.
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    Hello Bill

    The other side of the coin!

    1. Two printers refused to work - less than a year old Samsung colour laser and oldish A3+ Epson
    2. MS Money - I could write a short novel on this one
    3. Bitdefender - Only place I could find any reference to it was in the uninstall section of Control Panel. Repaired; Uninstalled - took nearly 2 hours to sort
    4. Win 10 loaded without access to either Logitech keyboard or mouse. Had to hunt for one of those gas-powered ones with a lead thingy!
    5. Couple of other minor issues.

    Links would be very useful - thanks



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      Hi Sam - Good luck on your Windows 10 hiccups. Following are the links to Dropbox document files providing solutions to the problems I mentioned:

      1. How to stop a bad Windows update from attempting to run and failing day after day.

      2. How to get color in the Windows title bars:

      3. How to access the Personalization Color Mixer. Using the RUN command, enter the command line below, then click 'Show Color Mixer':
      rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl,Advanced,@Advanced
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        Thanks Bill


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          thanks Bill. Very nice write-up