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Beginner RAW Question: Results are PERFECT in View modes, but how do I save those?

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    If you like the jpg, why don't you just shoot the jpg in-camera? If you want the potential flexibility of raw development at a later time, why not just shoot Raw+jpg? I personally don't see how a 3rd party raw developer software publisher could possibly program in all the potential in-camera jpg possibilities into their program for every raw capable camera on the market. If for some reason raw+jpg is not suitable for your needs, I suggest that you use the conversion utility that came with your camera, then export a tif, or jpg if you must, into ACDSee for further processing or management.

    It is much easier to create a conversion utility that does this for a single specific camera or a family of cameras than it is for ALL cameras. I wrote an article comparing ACDSee to Olympus Viewer 3 a while back that might give you some ideas.

    ACDSee compared to OV3


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      I do usually shoot raw+jpg, but I like the idea of having more data in the raw file to work with (e.g., getting more out of cloudy skies). I would just love it though if I could have a head start with what the camera had processed and tweak the raw file from there. In some cases, no matter what I do, I cannot get the raw file to look nearly as good as the JPG (especially in reducing noise without turning it to mush).

      I see what you're saying, but I guess I was hoping there's some way to get their processing info into a profile similar to lens profiles and such.