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How to Fix Panels that Won't Stay Put

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  • How to Fix Panels that Won't Stay Put

    I started experiencing a problem in ACDSeePro9 where the Properties / Metadata panel would undock and become small every single time I would switch away from View mode. This became a major PITA for me but I found a solution contained in the forum post for a different problem (

    The fix is to (exit ACDSee first):
    1. Open REGEDIT (standard warning: only use RegEdit if you are comfortable with editing registry keys, as you can seriously break stuff by changing the registry incorrectly)
    2. Locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ACD Systems\ACDSee Pro\90\BCGLayouts (don't look for it under the confusingly redundant \ACDSee Pro 9 branch)
    3. Delete the branch under BCGLayouts where you are experiencing the problem with misbehaving panels (in my case, deleting Viewer did the trick) If you are having lots of problems, you can delete all of BCGLayouts, but you will have to re-do any custom layout settings you had.
    4. Start ACDSee. The registry entry will be automatically regenerated and you can set up the panels where you want them (and now they'll stay put!)
    I hope this will help anyone who experiences similar problems.
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