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  • Exclude from database

    Can someone please explain how I should use the "exclude from database" function? Why and when would you like to exclude folders or drives from the database?
    I backed up some photos and suddenly my drive was excluded. Now I dont understand how to use this function - please help me!

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    If you accidentally exclude a folder from the database you can get it back, but first, why would you exclude some folders?

    As you may, or may not know, you can have multiple databases ever since version 7 or 8, if I recall. It is possible that some people might want to have multiple databases for different purposes, by excluding specific folders from specific databases, it is easier to enforce which folders are managed in which databases. There may also be some groups of photo folders you simply don't want to be included in a single ACDSee database. for instance, I may not want to manage photos people send me to help them with various issues.

    It's easy to get an excluded folder back (though the original database data will be gone) Just go to "Tools|Database|Excluded Folders settings" See screenprint below

    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks for a superb answer! If you would like to restore database data in a former excluded folder/disc, do you have to rebuild all tags, keywords etc manually? I accidently excluded my backup drive/folders. That is i have the same folders stores on my main disc. Can I just copy paste to rebuild database (the backup ought to be in the database, right?).


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        Sorry I'm not sure. that's going to require some testing on your part as I am travelling and have no access to a database where I can easily test.