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After years i tried ACDsee again.. ACD still has not not learned much

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  • After years i tried ACDsee again.. ACD still has not not learned much

    hello coders from ACD systems..... it´s 2017 and people buying 16 core systems!

    acdsee still is only using one(!) core when reading images into the database.
    what a sad joke....

    i tried indexing images on a samsung 960 evo.
    and i tell you other programs run circles around acdsee.

    i have tried the export feature too.... it also only uses 1 core.

    menu windows like the export windows can´t be resized.
    so i have a 4k monitor with plenty of space but have to scroll the window because you don´t make it flexible.

    ever heard of proper color management? guess not.

    stop forcing these stupid services on customers.
    let me tell you people HATE that.. in case you live under a rock.
    or at least give us an easy way to disable acdsee intouch, commander etc.

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    2019 and it is still not using all cores...


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      Originally posted by Tanja Schulte View Post
      2019 and it is still not using all cores...
      So, in the last 2 years you haven't found a better program?


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        Originally posted by sdommin
        ...and they still haven't figured out how to process Canon CR3 files AFTER 15 MONTHS! Clever coders, eh?
        the best software is produced by developers who listen to their customers. I'm not sure ACDSee is very good at that. In particular their treatment of metadata is a bit cavalier: meta data should always be kept with the image -- for portability reasons. In ACD you have to have just the right options checked to get it to even re-write images that have metadata updates.

        this is related to a terrible work-flow issue with ACD: Us photographer types will generally shoot multiple images of a particular subject or composition. In post then we will select the best image from each set, generally marking it with a rating -- usually 1 * during the first pass. Now: you will want to use full screen mode for this evaluation and you'll discover you can't set the rating from full screen, grrrrrrrrrrr.

        publishing an image -- e.g. upload to flickr -- should automatically set a keyword -- usually just flickr -- to indicate which images have been published, and where

        the rename dialog in the import tool is good -- but -- the options available in the renaming pattern need to be improved: we still have folks around wh don't like blanks in file names

        I've asked about 10-bit color for QHD and UHD monitors several times: ??

        any Photo Event should include an option to designate a Title Slide. This could be one of the images, or it could be a .png or .jpeg rendition from a PowerPoint slide.

        the software should be offered in .deb format for Linux.


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          I set ratings from the full screen display all the time. (Of course you can do the same in View, Develop and manage modes, too). i did it just 3-minutes ago.

          It is not fair to suggest ACD doesn't listen to it's customers. Certainly there is one one item that I have grumped about, but in large , there are significant updates every year that are appreciated.

          I would never want automatic setting of keywords.
          Maybe a simple little tweak to your workflow will get you everything need with what is there today. For instance, add flickr to the keyword field for the file BEFORE publishing. You can add a keyword to a single file, or select multiple files and add the keyword to multiple files. It takes seconds. As you should be adding keywords to your files already, maybe you can do this is he same step.

          As far as linking to a published image... you need a little more thought here. ACD or any editing/DAM doesn't control smugmug or flickr. If someone uses the native smugmug interface to delete or add images of ACD, Simply, there is absolutely no way to maintain the linkage.

          8-bit, 10ibit, UHD, QHD, etc are general technology and/or color science.... certainly not ACD specific. There are hundreds of thousands of pieces of reference material on these topics. I am not sure why we would want to have it covered again by ACD. Wouldn't it be better to have ACD resources spent on the ACD software development as opposed to rehashing what is already easily found?

          In an other thread, I have provided to you a couple OSS tools for photo editing and management on the Linux platform.
          If Linux is you thing for your daily desktop, those are better for you. I would rather have the ACD resources spent on their code instead of porting to different OS flavors. ACD is working on getting the Apple version of the tool up to the same feature set as the Win10 version. Technically, the Apple OS is linux based that is clearly delineated by the apple UX and design rules . So in a way, they are working on a Linux system. It is certainly make business cases for both Win10 and Apple OS.