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  • Support not responding


    How long does it take for support to reply support requests? I have sent them my questions 5 days ago, but still no reply...


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    The stated response time is 3 -business- days -after- receipt of question. My experience, depending upon support person, suggests in 3 business days I usually get a refining question. Again depending on support person, even if you answer the question within an hour, it will take another 1 to 3 days for an answer.

    ​Note, there is also a time-zone component. For example, let's say a support request is sent after 4PM on Wednesday of the timezone of support staff, this seems to be counted on as receipt on Thursday, then they have three days (skipping the weekend) And the first response can be Tuesday. Thus, meeting the 3 business day after receipt commitment, but seeming to by 5 dayas+ to you and me.

    ​I am there are many new people that would like to see a resolution in 3 days... not just a response.

    ​A while ago, I did request support monitor the forums for at least 30 minutes per week per support person. (There was a time when it seemed nobody from support monitored the forums. I though 30 minutes would be a good start.) To some extent, I think this has started as I do see some response in these forums that is quicker than three days. The advantage with this type of support is more people learn from the questions of others. I wish they did more of this.

    I see this is you first post to the forum. I would suggest there are many questions already answered in the forum history. Further, there are about 10 or so constant contributors with good at sharing their experiences. At least, this is what has helped me out the most.


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      Hello MikaFIN

      We are experiencing higher than normal volumes. Please accept our apologies for the delay. We thank you for your patience. (I have also answered your support ticket)

      We did also received your screenshots and we were able to reproduced the issue. This was fixed in update 1 and ACD plans to release update 1 around mid December.

      After the update, you will be able to use "Rebuild thumbnails and metadata" to fix the previously generated purple thumbnails.

      I do apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused and thank you again for your patience.

      ACD Customer Care Team



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        Hello Dario,

        Well I got email that there is update available, but when i go to program and click "Check for updates" program says there is no update available.
        I don't know how much more there should be patience?



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          The update is available here:


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            Hello MikdFin,

            The "Check for updates" in the program does work for me. It takes sometime for the servers to sync the files and propagate the update notification.

            But as SteBae suggested, you can find the update installer in the product support page:

            And this is the direct download link for the latest version of the Ultimate 2018 installer, build 1272

            Hope this helps.

            James - ACD Customer Care team