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Remap a Network share in Database

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  • Remap a Network share in Database

    I just upgraded to a new Server that holds all my Files, it has the same Loacal IP and also the same Network alias. Folderstructures havent changed. What did chnage however are the share Names (i used to use a big drivepool, now im back to having every driveset on its own).

    Unfortunalty Windows, beeing Windows, cant see my new machine under "Network", meaning i cant use ACDSees databinding tool the way i used to. (All the shares are accessable, they just dont show up in Network view, and no the share are not hidden, its a known bug in Windows 10 for years...)

    Is there any way to change the data binding in the database without using the folder selection?

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    Tools > Database maintenance > [wait wait wait]
    ​Eventually you'll be able to select the " Binding" button...

    Quoted from the manual..

    Change Binding:
    Changes all location references for the selected orphaned folder to another folder, and retains all database information.


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      I know that , thats how i usualy solve my data binding issues, but as i stated my shares dont show up under the Network tab, therefore i cant select them... Id need a way to put in the shares Link directly and not have it select through Windows folder structure.

      But thanks for taking the time to answer


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        i found a workaround that helped for my particular situation: (However this only works if your server has more than one IP Adress asigned to it)

        I connect your Network shares (one at a time because Windows only supports one connection per Server) as Network Drive by using one IP.

        Manualy bind every folder to the network drive.

        Wait for ADCSee to restart and than move everything into your share using the secound IP Adress. No Files get actualy moved here because they already exist, but ACDSee doesnt seem to notice that and links the Database entries to the share.

        Now you have your entries linked to a folder that according to Windows doesnt exist! Huey!

        But be warned: If you try to map a Child level Folder its parrent one, for example map folder AAA from the Path \\SERVER\33\AAA\ to \\SERVER\33\ because your new share structure doesnt require the folder Nesting it somehow looses every bit of data stored for everything inside AAA You may want to work arround that aswell and always have a database backup ready.


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          This seems to be related to the windows firewall. In my environment I need to go to the server and turn on file and printer sharing temporarily.

          AC users suffer from this situation in other parts of the program too: Folder pane in manage mode and folder browser in cataloguing dialogue may show an empty network. For manage mode you can type the path or start AC with a given path. But there's no such workaround for the cataloguing dialogue. With AC it's seems impossible to catalogue files from a hidden network share.

          IMHO all folder browsers should have an option to type the paths.
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            I couldnt aggree with you more Emil

            Im not even Using any Firewall for my local Network. What ive been told is this happens when there is a version and or Signature missmatch between SMB Protocolls. And in my particular case it gets even worse because windows has unofficialy dropped all support for Link aggregation in WIndows 10. You can work around that by using virtual NICs but that messes up Network detection and auto configuration for said Networks.
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              Would -symbolic links- with UNC help?



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                Imho, yes and no :-)
                mklink /D c:\resource \\server\resource
                This indeed may be typed in a cmd box and allow access to the server from the folder browsers. As well as
                net use driveletter: \\server\resource
                would do. For some it may even simplify the rebinding to another server after changing the network structure.

                But in some environments servers may be invisible to folder browsers for a good security reason.


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                  I would agree. I wonder if these options (work arounds) are better way than IP address hokey-pokey. It has been a long time since I have issues with enumeration, I would also want to look into AD/DNS to see if the UNCs are resolving correctly.


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                    I'd guess this depends if your using NetBIOS or TCP/IP only. But ice is getting too thin for me now and this doesn't seem to be AC related any more.