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Help! I keep geting the Action Playback Failed error

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  • Help! I keep geting the Action Playback Failed error

    I keep getting the "action playback failed" error on my new actions on Ultimate 2018. Is anyone else having that problem? Does anyone know how to stop that from happening? Better yet, does anyone know how to recover an action that is stuck in that error?

    ​Here is a quick summary of how it happens:
    1. ​​I start recording a new action in Edit mode.
    2. I do all my edits in a series of adjustment layers.
    3. I click the stop recording button, which prompts me to save, so I give the action and save.
    4. I flatten my image and save the file as *.jpg.
    5. Without closing out of the software I continue working between Manage and Edit modes.
    6. I eventually close the software and stop working.
    7. I eventually pick back up again and launch ACDSee; I go to Manage mode, select an image and open it in Edit mode.
    8. I open the Actions browser and navigate to my new action that I had been using.
    9. I select my new action (that had been working only 5 min ago) but notice that in the preview I get an "action playback failed" message.
    10. I click "Play" on the action anyway, and the action playback progress window launches.
    11. I get an "Actions Error Log" with the "Action Playback Failed" error, and no part of the action runs or affects my image or workspace in any way (other than the error message).
    ​I don't get it. It was working before, but as soon as I close out of ACDSee it breaks. I have created a number of other actions no problem some with adjustment layers, some without, some with a mix of both. After the first time this happened, I tried to recreate the particular action that prompted this post. Both times I lost the action. At my wit's end. Hope to get some help on this--also hoping that there is a way to save my action (because I spent a lot of time on it twice and I am super frustrated that I have to recreate it again).

    ​Also, some--maybe all--of my adjustment layers: Color EQ, Gradient Map, White Balance, Curves, Noise Reduction, Sharpening, Exposure, Skin Tune, and maybe Light EQ.

    ​Edit to add my operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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    Hi dragus359,

    Sorry for the trouble this issue has caused. However, So far, we have not been able to reproduce the problem on our end following your steps. During my test, at step 9, the preview was rendered correctly in the action browser and I can play that action to various actions.

    To help us diagnose the problem, I will send you an email from our support system, so you can send saved acda file in step 3 for that particular action, the screenshot in step 9 and error logs in step 11.

    James - ACD Customer Care team


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      Thank you, James! I just checked my email and don't yet see something from you. If you have sent it, would you mind resending? If not, no worries, send when is convenient for you. Thank you!


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        I send you email to your yahoo email account that was registered for the forum and your acdID account. And I just resent that email again with some other questions from the QA team about the full name of output folder path. Please check your spam/junk folder.

        Post back if you still do no receive my email.



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          I got it this time. Just replied. Thanks!