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Having trouble with my "unlock" code.

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  • Having trouble with my "unlock" code.

    Hi all. I'm not understanding the "unlock" code requirement on the ACDSee main page. I have my activation keys for my software, but when I click the "Unlock" button, it sends me an email with an activation link. I click that link, and it still brings me back to a page that asks for an unlock code. This is the page where you're supposed to be able to retrieve software that you've paid for. My old computer crashed and I'm trying to reinstall my ACDSee software.

    Does that make sense of what I'm referring to?
    Thanks all;

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    I'm referring to this page:


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      Hello ArtieDex,

      The unlock code is used to unlock pack codes to retrieve the license codes for each program.

      If you already have a license code or subscription, you do not need to unlock that code in order to use the program. After you install the program, you can just use your acdID account and the license code to register the program.

      I could not find your order from the email address you registered for the forum, and I will send you an email from our support system to ask such information. In reply, you can let me know the order number of the email address that you used to place the order, and that activation key that you've received.

      ACD Customer care

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        Hi James. Thanks for the reply, but I'm still a bit confused by the distinction between "pack code" vs "license code". And, "Unlock code", for that matter.
        Bear with me. I'm an old guy. A few years ago, I ordered the "Family Pack" suite of software. This included ACD Pro 6, ACD 16, and ACD Photo Editor 6. I have all those license keys. It also included a "Family Pack Activation" key. I'm not exactly sure where that one fits in. This was on a Win7 machine, which has since crashed. Total loss of data and programs. (And yes, I know I'm an idiot for not backing things up.) I've since purchased a new Win10 machine, and I'm trying to restore my old software. Fortunately, I had those three executables backed up on a CD. And with the license keys, they all are now reinstalled, and work great.

        Here's the "rub". I have, (in the back of my senile old brain), the vague memory of having purchased the "Ultimate Pack". I was hoping, to log on to the main ACDSee site, and find a history of what I purchased. That capability seems to be there, if . . . I have an unlock code. That's where the "unlock" code comes into play. I could have registered with either of two different email addy's. Can I PM both of them to you?

        Thanks for bearing with me.


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          Hello Artie,

          After searching your name, I found your bellsouch email address of your acdID account. In that account, you have the Ultimate Pack 9 registered and unlocked. There is no need to unlock the code again.

          In your gmail account, you only have ACDSee 16 and ACDSee video convertor 4 registered.

          If you want to find your license codes and download links, you do not need to unlock anything. After you login, click My Apps and then find your license code and download links for each product. For packs, please scroll down to the "My Pack" section, and then click "Pack Details" to see all the individual license codes.

          I will send you license codes of your Ultimate Pack 9 to your gmail account. If you do not find in your inbox, please check in the spam/junk folder too.


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            Thanks for that email James. And thanks for the excellent customer support. That was exactly what I was looking for.