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  • Printing from ACDSee Pro

    I am new to these forums, and hope this post isn’t too long or overly complicated.
    I have been using ACDSee Pro For 7 or 8 years, starting with version 5, now I’m in version 10. I am a pretty basic user, extensive pixel manipulation is not my style, and I don’t know anything about plug ins or add ons.

    I am working on a MS Surface Book, Windows 10 OS.

    I’ve never had much luck at printing, but have decided to try my hand at it again, so I bought a Canon. Pixma Pro 100 printer, and I’m setting it up now.

    What little printing experience I have was done out of Photoshop, which has a dedicated set of menus that take you from screen to print.
    It went something like this-

    Printer Management>printer setup> print settings> color management>color handling>printer profile>rendering>paper profile, position and size, etc..

    Like most things Photoshop, it is quite detailed.
    The ACDSee system seems similar, but abbreviated, does it get you to the same place?

    A Youtube video specific to the Pixma Pro 100 printer ( suggests that the Printer driver has an option to let the printer manage the colors, then the narrator states this option may only be available with Photoshop, and maybe Lightroom. If ACDSee will allow this, it seems that my task would be simplified.

    Pointers, workflow suggestions, tutorials are welcome, and appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.