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Can ACDSee run on Windows S mode?

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  • Can ACDSee run on Windows S mode?

    That new 10 inch Surface Go device sounds like an ideal solution for the traveling photographer, especially if it can use ACDSee Standard to organize, keyword, Geotag, and then upload photos to OneDrive. Yeah, you could run full Win10 on it, but I fear it might be a bit underpowered for that.

    I don't know what it would take to run ACDSee Standard on Windows S, or if it is even possible. But It might be worth investigating. I did a quick search of the Microsoft store, and there is nothing in terms of even a half way decent photo organizer, much less a DAM tool. And even the editors seem aimed at adolescents. But I should think with all the pent up desire to do photography on iOS and Android tablets, the first REAL tool for this platform might find itself in the catbird seat.

    The various photo forums will get posts a couple times a month asking if it is possible to do photography on an Android tablet (The answer is no, by the way, it's theoretically possible, but S L O W!).

    A WINDOWS tablet, however, seems very attractive to this photographer. I wouldn't get rid of my Desktop, but travelling rarely includes any serious post production, it's more database intake, and uploading to OneDrive.
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    In support of this idea, I point to the Bloomberg article dated 7/13/2018 regarding Adobe's commitment to making Photoshop iPad compatible. I think their reasoning is sound
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