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Way to offline photo/vids but still keep a thumbnail reference?

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  • Way to offline photo/vids but still keep a thumbnail reference?

    Hi, new to the forum and looking for advice and if there maybe a way or some workflow to categorize my media and have those files offllined but still keep a reference thumbnail in the ACDSee library for centralized reference and browsing? My library is organized in folders by year/month+date and within are photos and videos taken of that date based on the timezone.

    Specifically, I wish to categorize and offline edited RAW photos and cell phone/gopro/camera video files I've used in edits or will never use. If the workflow is sound, I may offline less stellar shots as well. The whole purpose is to optimize my edited library size for multi-backups strategy while keeping the original large RAW/vid files offline. The latter use case is precautionary in the event I need to go back and re-edit videos the media references are the same for the video editing software (I simply re-copy the offlined media back).

    I know there could be two simple answers to my use-case of a) delete what I will never use b) storage is cheap, buy more. My answer to that is I wish to avoid doing either.