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Subscription versions - are they any better?

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  • Subscription versions - are they any better?


    Do subscription-based versions receive any fixes/upgrades not available via standard licensing, or it is just exactly the same product priced another way?

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    This is a good question. It is mostly the same product just priced a different way.

    Unless of course you find some value in the online 365 storage that comes with it. On UHD screens the ACDSee365 text size is miniscule and not usable and the login feature is because of the screen resolutions. The workaround is to log in through SeeDrive, but even this has miniscule graphics on UHD screens.

    When you finally do get to the ACD365 with a UHD screen, I have not found anything better than any of the free or paid cloud accounts that I already have. Thus I have to suggest I have not found much value in the online storage.

    I do hope there is price advantage in that I never have to worry about getting in at the right time for the best sale price, but I have not been able to confirm or deny that feature.