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Ultimate pack upto 2 users: How do I set 2nd user?

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  • Ultimate pack upto 2 users: How do I set 2nd user?

    So I got the offer for the Ultimate Pack. and bought it. The offer states "Up to 2 users per product!".

    First: How do I set the second user? Do I share my License key and they unlock it on their acdID account?

    ​Second: My package description says "
    Extended Download Service Expiration Date: 2019-10-11
    ". What does that mean? Will I not be allowed to download my licensed software after that date?

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    Hi Jeffster.

    As shown in the Ultimate pack product page at, you can install the program up for 2 devices/users:
    ACDSee Ultimate Pack license allows for installation on two unique devices per product. For example, you could install all the products at home as well as at the office, or you can install on your desktop and laptop.

    To create a second acdID account, please go to the acdID user portal at You can use the same acdID account and the license code to register the 2nd installation.

    The extended download service allow you to download the installation files directly from the acdID portal. If you would like re-install the program after that date, I suggest that you can save those installation files (e.g Ultimate 2019 installation files) locally on your hard disk, or archive/backup those installation files to other storage device such as thumb driver, etc.

    We also received your support ticket and I will reply and follow up that case.

    ACD Custom Care


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      Thank you for the quick response. That answered my questions.