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Newbie here and can't find answers to these ?s...

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  • Newbie here and can't find answers to these ?s...

    Am shopping for a tool to organize, catalog, edit, and make "shows" or "movies" from thousands of family photos I want to save for posterity (who may not be interested at all).
    I hate the subscription model and it doesn't seem a wise choice for those of us who are retired and living on a fixed income, with the restrictions that imposes and the uncertainty that younger generations will even want to deal with the photos and history.
    With that in mind, I haven't been able to confirm:
    - how many computers can Ultimate 2019 be installed to with the purchase of a Lifetime License?
    - are there facilities to easily transfer a license from one machine to another, either a newer machine or maybe even an older one?

    Would like to take advantage of the $ 149 offer for the Lifetime License, (depending on the answers to my questions), which expires Dec. 5, so I don't have much time left.
    Speedy responses would be appreciated.

    Thanks if you can help.

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    Hi x002657,

    One-seat license code can be only used for one installation and registration. In the shopping cart, you have the option to add a 2nd license, the price of which is 50% of the purchase price of the first license code.

    If you would like to transfer your ACDSee license code and installation to a new machine, please fully uninstall the program on the old machine and then install the ACDSee Program on the new machine.

    If un-installation is not possible on the old system, please contact customer service to get you a replacement code

    Hope this helps.

    James W
    ACD Customer Care


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      Hi x002657,

      Look here on the ACDSEE website

      *ACDSee Ultimate Pack license allows for installation on two unique devices per product. For example, you could install all the products at home as well as at the office, or you can install on your desktop and laptop.

      It is possible tot install Ultimate and professional (included in the pack) twice, so you can have them running on 4 PC.