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    Can I put and run ACDSee on an external hard drive?
    Last edited by JohnL; 12-08-2018, 09:32 AM.

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    Probably, but it is highly likely there will be a significant performance hit.
    My recommendation is don't do it.


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      Also AC uses the registry registration info and user settings. If you attach the drive to another computer this info is missing and AC will most likely ask for the registration details again and you will see default user settings too.


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        Why would there be a performance hit?

        and I have it on a laptop already but the laptop is giving problems, this would be a second program but I want to run it on a different laptop and only that laptop via an external hard drive and without clogging up the system unnecessarily.


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          Local read/write vs attached drive speeds are different. ACD operation (specifically, database, and omage/ope/save) is heavily reliant on the speeds of the reads/writes.


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            Local read/write speeds vs external read/write speeds shouldn't take too much of a hit if you have an external SSD. There may be a slight hit/bottleneck from the connection type (USB 3.0 vs SATA on the motherboard), but my guess is it wouldn't be too severe that you'd notice much. I plan on running the program on 2 computers, and storing all my pictures and databases on external hard drives. This way my data is not stuck on a single computer, and I can work in 2 locations as needed.


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              Yes, works for me I have Kingston 1 TB external hard drive and have installed the ACD See on it - Working fine till now but make it sure that the path doesn't change for installation files and use the same port to avoid any problem.