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  • Subscription vs Ownership

    I have been evaluating ACDSEE ultimate and have really like what I have seen. I received a special offer this holiday season for the Ultimate pack for 119. Then saw the personal subscription for 69 year. Now I am confused which way to go. I was originally looking for a light Room 6.0 replacement because I did not want to go down a subscription route. But if I have to renew ACDSEE every year because of new features, then subscription would be the way to go.

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    I've been testing ACDSee for a week or so and will definitely be buying before the sale runs out, but I am seeing different pricing than you. I am in the U.S. Having said that, double check what you are looking at. You should compare ACDSee Ultimate with the Personal sub. The Ultimate pack contains 2 licenses each for Ultimate, Professional and Standard. Unless you are running a business with 5 employees, there is no reason to buy that one. The missing part of the equation for me is, how much is an upgrade? For me, right now, Ultimate is $100 and the sub is $90 a year. So depending on how often they issue a major, paid-for release and how much it is to buy it, the purchase may be a better deal.
    Anyone here from ACDSee want to weigh in? I can't get to the upgrade pricing on the site


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      They sent out a email earier from the CEO with hoiday pricing. ACDSee Ultimate Pack for only $119.00, saving you over $400 on all of our top products. I don't need all of that but it is a good price. The Subscription for the personal plan for that subscription is 69 a year. It has single license for Ultimate 2019 and video studio which is all I need.


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        Yeah, unless I hear a compelling reason from ACDSee or another user before next week, I'll get the sub.


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          Does the gps- location function work with google earth/maps on the non subscription plans where you purchase the software outright?

          Thank you