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  • Rendering

    I am rendering or putting many files together to make one file and not go over 4 GB because my TV won't take a USB3 only USB2 so I ordered a 64 GB USB2 from amazon so my question is why is rendering a group of files twice as big as the group of files you rendered? I might render 2 GB of files and it will come out to 4+GB then I have to cut file to get it down to 4 GB.

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    Hi Lostsoul65,

    Putting many files together is a process which involves a lot of encoding in order to generate a new file. It is very unlikely for the final output file to be smaller in storage size as compared to the total storage size of those individual files. If you want to reduce the storage size of the final output file, one factor you can change is the output bitrate. When you hit produce and share, go to detailed settings and select either low or medium value for bitrate. This would lower your output file storage size, but please keep in mind this might impact the output quality as well. You can try both values and keep the one you like more.

    Hope this helps.

    ACD Systems