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Odd Font issue wtih Old version of Acdsee 3.1

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  • Odd Font issue wtih Old version of Acdsee 3.1

    First I'd like to acknowledge that the version is way out of date, but I do like it and intend to use it going forward (hopefully) .
    After fresh installation of Windows 10 I started experiencing font issue with Acdsee 3.1 This worked normally before re-install.

    Configuration menus, such as options->configure, or edit->configure show font that stretches past the visible
    edge of the configuration window. It is also bold. However, the rest of the fonts appear normal. I have attached
    two screenshots to illustrate.

    So far I have tried the following to resolve
    1. Reset the fonts under control panel ->appearance->Restore default font settings
    2. Used 3rd party FontReg.exe application to re-register the fonts
    3. Change scale and layout under Display configuration, and also Advanced scalings with 'let windows try fix apps so that they arent blury'
    4. Tried to change the applications compatibility, DPI scaling settings (I didnt have to do this before reinstallation, both apps just worked).
    5. Made sure that cleartype is enabled
    6. Reinstalled applications into different folders in order to re-create registry entries.
    7. Can't revent to previous restore point as system is new and none exist.
    8. Rebuild the font cache

    This is the entire configuration screen. as you can see part of the text is off-screen and text is BOLD.
    The second thumbnail of a typical file/edit/help menu and shows correctly with regular font.

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    Wow... yearh, I had that version about 20 years ago. :-) You should update, there are so many improvements you will be amazed! It' isn't that expensive when you realize all the benefits you will receive and how many more things you can do more quickly as well as management advantages that are just amazing.
    Also, a much better Font organizer that I have been using for years is Printers Apprentice. You can try it for free and it's about $20 to buy. If you are into a lot of Font management this is the best program I have come across, been using it for years.
    Good luck.