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Second database for External Drive

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  • Second database for External Drive

    I am using Ultimate and just finished cataloging my internal hard drive.

    I have years of archival photos on my external drive that I have never managed outside of Windows Explorer, but ACDSee is so fast, I was thinking of building a catalog for them. First, is this doable by simply creating a second database, pointing to the root folder and adding to catalog? Or is this even the correct way to go about it. Note, this will just be for searching purposes. If I want to process one, I will move it over to the internal drive.

    If the above is correct, is there any advantage to having that database on the internal drive, or should I store it with the photos. These are USB traditional drives, but speed isn't a deal-breaker for them. I just want to be able to find an old image if I need to.


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    You can create a different ACDSee metadata database to manage your photos stored on that external drive. In the manage mode, click File | Database | New.. to create that new database. For more information about creating a new ACDSee metadata database and switching among them, please find the description of this feature in the help file:

    ACDSee database can be stored the external drive, but please make sure that this external disk is connect to the comptuer and recognized by Windows before starting ACDSee.

    Internal hard disk -- especially if you have SSD disk -- is much faster than the external one (e.g USB External Disk), so to have even better performance, you may want to put ACDSee database on the internal disk.

    Hope this helps


    ACD Customer Care


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      That's very helpful. Thanks. My question on where to store the database; other than speed, is there an advantage to storing it internally? In other words, can I do anything with that database unless it is connected to the external? Mostly, I don't want to eat up more of my internal drive space unless it will do more than speed it up.

      Thanks again


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        Yes, you can do anything with the database if the ACDSee metadata database is stored in the external had disk. In other words, there will be no loss of any ACDSee functionalities if you choose to create the ACDSee metadata database in a location other than that default folder which resides in the internal hard disk.

        As mentioned in the previous post, please make sure that external disk is connected and recognized in Windows before starting ACDSee.