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ACDSee not very responsive to Wacom tablet

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  • ACDSee not very responsive to Wacom tablet

    I use a Wacom tablet and it works great in many other photo / design applications but in ACDSee when making adjustments it's very slugish. I need to make an exaggerated move just to get ACDSee to respond and then bring it back. Using it with the tone curves is not workable. I have Ultimate 2018, does anyone know how to improve the interoperability between the two?

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    I have Windows 10 and Ultimate 19, and want to get an inexpensive tablet, more for giving my hand a rest from repetitive mouse work on thousands of photos.
    It would be FANTASTIC if the next ACDSEE iteration allows for levels of pen pressure and a few other things that tablets are good for...we can wish!
    Besides Wacom Intuos S, does anyone have experience with Huion or the other tablet makers? I do simple photo editing, and people say a small, or at most medium sized tablet is best for what I do, which isn't actual drawing or painting. Suggestions welcome!