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  • Where is customer service?

    I have emailed now 3 times ,wrote on the face book page and still cannot get customer service, I am in Australia is this normal for ACDsee or are they just anti- australian? feeling pretty peed-off at the moment, maybe its because I have asked them to honour there 30 day money back guarantee, what do you think ?

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    Hi fredlaw,

    Sorry to learn that but so far we have not received your support ticket. I have searched your name and email address, but I could not find your message. How did you submit the support ticket, was it via the support form at, or did you send that email to a specific email address ?

    Regarding the "30 day money back guarantee", you can see our refund policy in the support page at Expand the "online order support" section, and there are two topics related to the product refund:

    - What is your refund policy
    The ACD Systems store offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you purchased a subscription and want to cancel after 30 days of purchase date, no refund is made but auto-renew for subscription will be disabled.

    - How do I request refund
    To request a refund, please contact Customer Care by email or by phone at 1-888-767-9888.

    I will send you email from our support system to your registered email account, to understand more about your recent order. Upon your confirmation, I can proceed to your refund request.


    ACD Customer Care Team


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      J'ai tente a au moins deux reprises d'envoyer une question par l'entremise du formulaire mais a chaque fois, on me dit qu'il y a un probleme avec reCAPTCHA. Est-ce que des efforts sont faits pour regler ce probleme. Merci


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        ACDSee is not anti-Australian. They are anti-customer. Waiting for a raw update? Yeah, right.