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  • Diferent Database

    I have 5 databases with different catalogs. I would like to merge all the databases.

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    Hi Edvard,

    Please try using Tools > Database > Import > Database to import each extra database in turn.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      Keep in mind: Data imported data for a specific image will replace the already existing data. E.g. if a file is catalogued in two DBs, the imported keywords will replace the already existing keywords, they will not be added. One more example: If the imported db has no description for a file, an existing description in the target db will be deleted.
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        Emil, thanks for the warning! So database integration is not applicable for use.
        I have already accessed the existing database with missing categories in 150K files. Should I now create a new database with a fresh date and then delete the other databases?


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          Importing a database record of a photo of a wolf assigned to the category "Mammalila/Carnivora/Canidae/Canis/C.lupus" will not delete this whole categories branch, it will just replace the assignment of the photo to the branch.

          To integrate an old db, you could start AC with the old db first and move all categories to a new top category like "Old_db/Mammalia/...", then integrate this db in to the new db and see how this goes. You would still need to move sub-categories for the old branch into the new one, but at least it's all in a single db.

          A similar procedure should work with the hierarchical AC keywords.

          To add the not hierarchical IPTC keywords, you could copy all keywords of all images to a not jet used tag in your new db. Then import the old db and finally use a metadata preset to add the old keywords again from the tag used before. Hope you catch the idea :-)

          For all these procedures, you will of course, make a backup first!