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How Worthy is the Upgrade to 2020 version?

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  • How Worthy is the Upgrade to 2020 version?

    One of the features that I was hoping to see on the next version is STACKING. I mean, so many other competitors already have it.
    For people who work with many different versions of the same file (like jpg, png, eps and RAW) then it is becoming so critical to find a solution to consolidate those files under one group/thumbnails and only recall the one needed. Alas, ACDSee like many other developers is stubborn with their choices on what to implement in the software. So, it seems that this feature is not considered needed enough for them.

    Also, since there isn't any mentioned or screenshot of the interface then I'm left to assume so far that no significant changes or improvement have been made to it.
    More likely still no way to add more icons to the Categories. So, I'm also assuming that the IPTC Keyword Picker is still a narrow archaic box that we have to scroll forever to find what we need, which is hard after that box is filled with thousands of Keywords. And by the way, I've never been able to remove any key from that list because it always gives the "Could not be removed because database indicates..." error.

    And of course, I'm assuming that ACDsee 2020 will still be a frequent and irritating crashing software while stay being heavily slow at returning keywords results. Probably still won't give users a way to know which images may be crashing the program so we could just remove them off the database. I mean, no mention of improvement on those areas neither. So, I guess it's NADA!!!

    IDK, it seems that I'll keep my nightmare going with 2019.

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    WOW, a lot of assumptions in that post...

    FWIW, I did notice the Color EQ panel screenshot shows a bit of a UI update. I also noticed a bit of polish added to the layers slider bars. I am guessing there may be a GUI update

    The HDR and the Focus Stacking should be welcomed additions (frankly I glad to see these kind of additions over things that that may be addressed by adjustments to workflow. Although I am certainly not able to read minds, it is possible grouping by name may help you keep the different versions of the same file together.

    I am not sure how to address the other negatives in your post. I certainly hope for the best.


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      Originally posted by GusPanella View Post
      WOW, a lot of assumptions in that post...
      After reading every page on the ACDSee site about the upgrade features and watch the 2 minutes "What's New" video on YouTube then I have to believe that most of those assumptions will stand to be true when the product is released. That upgrade is THIN!

      The Grouping by name is totally different than Stacking because that feature is only temporary and changes how the order of every file on the list is displayed. Whereas Stacking is more of a solution to keep files stacked/hidden indefinitely.

      IPTC Keyword Picker as I've mentioned is a mess. With so much of screen real estate available, there's no reason for that box to be so narrow and frustrating.

      Honestly, I know I'm just losing my time cause ACDSee been hearing the cry for help on those front for the longest but yet chooses to bypass them over and over! So, another 60 something bucks for Facial Recognition improvements? AI, Auto-Tagging image features, better Keywording, faster loading, and fewer crashes are what I'll forever be waiting to be implemented. Boy oh boy! My wait will be long