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  • There was a problem with reCAPTCHA. Please try again.

    Trying to send a ticket to Support using 3 separate browsers now and each time I click SUBMIT the page refreshes and says:

    There was a problem with reCAPTCHA. Please try again.

    So..….. How many times do I try again? Why is reCAPTCHA not working? Why do I need reCAPTCHA anyway if I've logged into my acdID Portal already? Shouldn't I be able to submit a ticket if I've logged in?

    Please fix this.

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    Hi qhorque,

    Sorry to learn that you were not able to submit support ticket due to the reCaptcha issue you encountered.

    Please let us know the following to help us look into this issue

    - Which 3 browses did you use to submit the support ticket?
    - If you signed into a browser, please sign out and clear cache. Will the submission then be successful?
    - If you clear browser cache, reload the page, can you then resubmit the form without such error ?

    Here is the direct link to the support contact form

    Alternatively, you can also send email to support team via

    Customer Care Team


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      I used Firefox, Edge and Chrome, all current versions. I use my browsers by setting them to clear cache, cookies and any other site data when I close the browser so I did not have to clear cache as you suggested. I just checked a few hours ago and was able to submit a ticket. I also noticed last night the URL of was down and unreachable. Maybe you were having some server issues the last few days?

      Thanks for the reply.