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    Originally posted by GusPanella View Post

    I am glad you are able to see the change. You may notice the change across other apps, too. I hope this thread has helped how applications work with operating system settings.

    I am merely a user trying to help out. I am not part of the ACD organization.
    Maybe a message to the support system can get your visions considered.
    thanks, and yes: MSFT/W-10 looks better generally with the High Contrast turned off.

    I would certainly hope that ACDSee/Customer_Support reads this board on a regular basis. I'm retired now but I worked with computer software for some forty plus years. Software that incorporates user input will generally be more user friendly, at least "in my experience".

    That apples to operating software as well and has contributed much to the development of Linux and Open Source software.

    Linux offers a good photo program known as "Shotwell". It's not nearly the service that even the entry level ACDSee is, BUT: if I have to deal with MSFT/W-10 in order to use ACDSee-- well -- probably not going to happen. Hopefully the ACDSee software will be offered in .deb format (for Debian version of Linux) at some point in the near future.

    The "takeaway" from this thread is simple though: during initialization ACDSee should check to determine whether MSFT/W-10 is in High Contrast mode, or not, and set the Color Scheme accordingly.

    thanks for the Chat


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      You may need a plan b as the lawsuit against Shotwell progresses. Since MS-Win isn't your thing, then Darktable and Raw Therappee should be on your short list.