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    ACDSee offers itself as a "Digital Asset Manager". If so I think it would be good for ACDSee to offer Multiple Libraries

    a Library should be identified by a Partition Name and Directory name:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot Windows Drives.png Views:	0 Size:	28.0 KB ID:	50858

    DISREGARD THE DRIVE LETTERS: MSFT/Windows may re-assign drive letters. What we are interested in is the Partition Name, in this case: "ntfs_workspace". I have a library on that partition known as "Workspace1".

    the solution here is for ACDSee to keep a list of User Libraries including the Partition Name and Directory Name where that library is stored. It should be possible to move a library and correct the Library Entry. If this were done then ACDSee could offer the user an option to open a particular library.
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    Sorry, I can't follow.

    AC doesn't identify drives by their drive letters, but by their volume serial number. At least on my system AC recognizes changes of drive letters and updates it's views immediately; I don't even need to restart the app.

    However, volume serial numbers must be unique, not empty and not be 0000-0000. New preformatted drives and sd cards sometimes do not match all these requirements. In this case you may want to reformat the drives or change the volume serial number with the tool volumeid.