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My "View Photos" timeline has multiple duplicate images...

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  • mogle
    I have been working on the same. Duplicates are very timeconsuming to resolve. I did find the "Find Duplicates" functionality useful, but also very temperamental. There are duplicate pictures it will not find, even when the duplicate picture is in the same folder. The function will not find it.

    Start over again? It all depends on how many pictures you got and how you imported or catalogued them. Good luck.

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  • My "View Photos" timeline has multiple duplicate images...

    Morning, I am a new user and actually trying to work out f I can use ACD to "timeline, categorise and manage" my "life" photos (many scanned...).
    I catalogued last night and ow have mutiple duplicate photos - and cannot establish a pattern as to why.
    Anyone experienced anything similiar?
    Is it possible to wipe the database and start again?
    many thanks